Modern technology has advanced to the point where we can now enjoy global communication from practically anywhere on the planet, even mobile technology devices give us this option. Communication flexibility impacts every aspect of modern society and it is no different for business or private business orientated communication either. The standard method of this communication is usually achieved via fax sending or fax receiving but the traditional methods can be a bit restrictive.

Modern technology means that we can now enjoy the benefits associated with traditional faxing without the need to invest in any of the traditional equipment items necessary for faxing. We can sending fax online and receive faxes via email addresses and can also enjoy the ability to receive or send faxes from mobile hand held devices such as smart phones.

Once you have registered with sending fax online service provider you will receive a free email to fax number. This free email to fax number is your gateway to enjoying this latest advancement in digital communication technology. The free email to fax number that you will receive is unique to your fax to email account and can also be yours for life provided that you use the service at least once every two or three months. The free email to fax number is important because this will allow conventional fax machine senders to still be able to send you a fax in the conventional manner to your email address or mobile device.

The free email to fax number is very convenient and allows you to use the same number regardless of whether you are receiving faxes or sending faxes from your online fax to email account. The way that the system works is actually very much like normal email sending and receiving and you will receive all email faxes as emails with attachments. All you need to do to access the fax is to open the email in the same way that you would open any other email and then open or download the attachment in PDF format. Connect with sending fax online and enjoy all our benefits that we offer our loyal customers.